ToolCASE - The Transactional Company


is a transactional real-time multi-level AI system. It combines visualization and analytics with pattern, anomaly, profile and behavior deviation recognition using expert and machine learning artificial intelligence technology.


RembrandtX uses an open, comprehensive API to aggregate data from virtually unlimited data sources. Over the last decade the amount of data and data sources within your enterprise have grown exponentially. RembrandtX provides a powerful way to access, connect, and maximize the value of your enterprise data. Simply put, we give you people and your data a voice.


Informant is a comprehensive AI-based solution for the financial services industry. Combining best-in-class AI -- machine learning and pattern recognition, -- Informant is a full enterprise risk management solution that monitors transactions across all channels for fraud, compliance, audit, lending, collections, marketing, and external and internal cybersecurity threats and intrusion, in a real-time visual and interactive form.


US3 - a comprehensive solution for IT is based on and proprietary architecture with system analytics that ensure 24/7 availability and response for all your mission critical systems. Range of implementations include best in class support for database, hardware and operating systems and applications.